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Lead, Drive & Thrive in the System

New - eBook - Lead, Drive & Thrive in the System

  • ISBN: 9781558105720
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Nurses are natural leaders. But as healthcare organizations continue to merge and accountable care organizations are created, you need real-world insights into how to navigate and lead in this new environment.

Lead, Drive & Thrive in the System is your personal guidebook on how to succeed in this environment. This book translates theory into practice and offers critical information that all nurses can apply in their practice. After reading, nurses from the bedside all the way to the corner office will be able to:

  • Understand healthcare systems, collaboration, change and why a system needs to work together.
  • Learn what “Systems Thinking” is and how to effectively use it in your own environment.
  • Implement key tips on how to facilitate change for future success.
  • Bridge innovation and standardization to improve patient care.
  • Employ techniques on how to move your organization forward through strategic thinking and planning.

Throughout this book you will read theory, practice and numerous “ah ha” moments from your peers about what it means to work in a system. Plus, build a deeper understanding of the open systems.

Author Biography

Jennifer S. Mensik, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN. earned a PhD in nursing, health systems and public administration from the University of Arizona College of Nursing. Mensik currently is an independent practice consultant and writer. She has worked at St. Luke’s Health System in Idaho as the administrator for nursing and patient care, was the executive director of quality and patient safety for the UCLA Health System, and has worked at Banner Health as the system’s director of clinical practice and research. She is the author of multiple publications, including The Nurse Manager’s Guide to Innovative Staffing.


“I hear some leaders ask, ‘How will I survive this new world order in the health care industry?’ This book is a ‘must read’ for all leaders as we shape the future with enthusiastic, bold passion for excellence.”

Rhonda Anderson, DNSc, RN, FAAN, FACHE
CEO, Banner Health/Cardon Children’s Medical Center


“Every nurse leads — either formally or informally! This exciting publication provides direction and a solid foundation for every nurse to become an even greater leader by also providing strategies for thriving in the complex systems that exist in this new world of health care! Dr. Mensik has made a great contribution to the growth of nurses as leaders in every facet of nursing practice.”

Karlene Kerfoot, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN
Chief Clinical Integration Officer, API Healthcare


“The author brings to life the evidence available about leadership, positive change and system thinking in a way that is practical and usable for both novice and expert nurses as well as other clinicians in all roles in health care organizations. The book will help nurses and their interdisciplinary colleagues advance innovation in the clinical setting and continually learn as professionals with a focus on improving the system that supports them.”

Patricia Reid Ponte, DNSc, RN,FAAN
Chief Nursing Officer, SrVP, Patient Care Services Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Executive Director, Oncology Nursing & Clinical Services Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

About the Book
2014/188 pp

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