Faith Community Nursing: Developing a Quality Practice

  • ISBN: 9781558102521
  • PUB# 9781558102521

An authoritative, balanced, in-depth guide to faith community nursing practice that describes the daily challenges and realities of working in a faith community setting, emphasizing both spiritual care for oneself as well as for one's patients and how one's spiritual health can be a force for dealing with physical illness. ,p> Organized as a quick reference for the busy faith community nurse, this book includes the most basic information for beginning, developing, and maintaining a quality health ministry program in a faith community or faith community based agency. In the book, the authors describe their personal experiences working in Christian and Jewish Congregational settings to emphasize the variety of faith community settings, types of positions, and the diverse educational backgrounds of faith community nurses.

Grounded in ANA's Faith Community Nursing: Scope & Standards of Practice, this new book provides suggestions, guidelines and examples of how to integrate oneself into this new role and setting as well as solutions for the predictable issues that may arise in one's own faith community work.

About This Book
Author/Editor: Carol J. Smucker, PhD, R and Linda Weinberg, DNSC, CRNP, RN
Published: 2008
Page #: 120 pp.

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